"The Warning" - Maria Divine Mercy

Messages from Jesus Christ

(The Book od Truth)

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1 First Message from the Virgin Mary page 1
2 First Message received from Our Saviour Jesus Christ page 1
3 Mankind faces final cleansing page 1
4 Second Message from the Virgin Mary page 1
5 Sins are breaking My Sacred Heart page 1
6 This Book will change lives & save souls page 1
7 The Warning of Hell and the Promise of Paradise page 1
8 Video Message Sign of the End Times – But Glory will Return to Earth page 1
9 Video Message The Second Coming page 1
10 Video Message Global Power, The Anti-Christ and Mark of the Beast page 1
11 Warning to Clergy page 1
12 Cast all doubts aside page 1
13 Video Message Message to Agnostics & Atheists page 1
14 Rise of Satanic Groups and World control page 1
15 Conversion page 1
16 Call to all Churches & Creeds to unite against Evil page 1
17 Video Message The Great Warning – A Gift out of Mercy page 1
18 Video Message Warning of Nuclear War page 1
19 Video Message Stairway to spiritual perfection page 1
20 Global Plan to deplete world population and overthrow world leaders page 1
21 Book of Revelation page 1
22 Call on Believers to convert lost souls page 1
23 Persecution of Genuine Visionaries page 1
24 Quest for Wealth page 1
25 The Warning to Mankind to understand the truth page 1
26 Video Message The Next Life page 1
27 Call to stop Murder/Abortion page 1
28 Video Message The Book of Truth page 1
29 Video Message The Great Tribulation page 1
30 Third Message from the Virgin Mary page 1
31 Video Message My Pain and Suffering today page 1
32 Video Message Why I Became Man page 1
33 Video Message False Teachers & Prophets page 1
34 Celebrating Christmas page 1
35 Video Message Warning to Believers not to reject genuine Prophets page 1
36 Media and Other Censorships to come page 1
37 Video Message How The Warning is a gift to mankind page 1
38 2011 Year of the Purification page 1
39 Video Message The Warning – Second Coming Close – Chance to Save your souls page 1
40 Video Message How to enter Heaven – role of suffering page 1
41 Video Message Carrying my Cross page 1
42 How Easy is it to Sin page 1
43 Video Message Prepare for The Warning, the Illumination of Conscience page 1
44 Video Message Love is way to Salvation page 1
45 Video Message Global Conversion about to happen page 1
46 Publish My messages across the world page 1
47 Message from the Holy Spirit page 1
48 Video Message Rise of Arab World – 3 World Leaders to be assassinated page 1
49 Last Message for the Volume “The Warning” page 1
50 Democracy to Disappear – Priests will be Martyred page 1
51 Video Message All Christians Repent Now, Catholics Pray for Pope Benedict page 1
52 Words of Comfort regarding those who question these messages page 1
53 Video Message Man being punished in this Year of Purification page 1
54 Earthquake in Europe & World War page 1
55 Pray for those who cause you pain page 1
56 Video Message Significance & Power of Prayer page 1
57 Hand of My Eternal Father will now fall on this ungrateful blind world. page 1
58 Video Message Never judge other religions, creeds or sexual preferences page 1
59 Video Message Millions of Souls will be saved through these messages page 1
60 My pain is even greater today than it was during My Crucifixion page 1
61 Video Message I am present in the Eucharist despite the misinterpretation of My Promise page 1
62 Special Graces promised for calling on Jesus for just one day page 1
63 How to ensure your family and friends can enter Heaven page 1
64 Wake up to the Truth before it is too Late page 1
65 Video Message What you will experience during The Warning and Prayer for instant pardon page 1
66 Video Message Even small prayer groups of Divine Mercy can save millions page 1
67 Video Message New World Order Plan to control your money and food page 1
68 Video Message Wrath of God to descend on New World Order page 1
69 Video Message Sexual Immorality will lead you to Hell page 1
70 Stand up against the attacks by Satan page 1
71 Defend your children’s right to a Christian Education page 1
72 Video Message Pledge your allegiance to My Divine Mercy page 1
73 Convert others at every opportunity page 1
74 Video Message Arab uprising will spark global unrest – Italy will trigger fall out page 1
75 Video Message Humility necessary to enter Heaven page 1
76 People all over the world share the same traits page 1
77 Video Message Russia & China to cause disruption page 1
78 Satan is wreaking havoc in the world but his days are short now page 1
79 Atrocities of My Crucifixion not revealed to Man in the way they should page 1
80 The Holy Spirit has now been poured out over the entire world page 1
81 Message from Virgin Mary regarding protection of Saints page 1
82 Video Message Earthquake in Europe took place today as predicted page 1
83 Video Message Why God, the Eternal Father, is sending new prophets into the world page 1
84 Video Message Reject the work of New Age Spiritualism page 1
85 Video Message Importance of Fasting and Self Denial page 1
86 Video Message Honour My Father page 1
87 Responsibility of Parents in the world today page 1
88 Video Message Confusion about what My Second Coming will mean page 1
89 Video Message Forgiveness the pathway to freedom page 1
90 Video Message New Revelations Floods in France this Summer page 1
91 Video Message Why I communicate to the world in this way page 1
92 The skies will open up during The Warning page 1
93 If you find it difficult to pray page 1
94 I would like to thank those who help in spreading My Holy Word page 1
95 Message of Warning to World Leaders page 1
96 Video Message Dealing with Financial Hardship page 1
97 Video Message Sin will always be sin no matter how you justify it page 1
98 The Swords of Justice will fall now page 1
99 Warning to those who are involved with Satanic cults page 1
100 Tell them I love them but I want them to talk to Me page 1
101 Video Message Prophecy at Garabandal will now become a reality page 2
102 Video Message Pope Benedict’s Days are now numbered page 2
103 Video Message Satan recruits young people through pop culture page 2
104 Video Message Two comets will collide, My cross will appear in a red sky page 2
105 Video Message The Keys of Rome now being handed back to God the Almighty Father page 2
106 Video Message Message from the Virgin Mary regarding her lost children page 2
107 Video Message Message to priests, Bishops and Cardinals about false prophet page 2
108 Prepare your family to witness My Cross in the Sky page 2
109 Video Message Message of Love to all My followers page 2
110 Video Message My Spiritual Guidance will block Satan’s acts of destruction page 2
111 Video Message ‘Liberators’ in Middle East want to control the Jews page 2
112 Video Message Abundant love at adoration makes you stronger and calmer page 2
113 Video Message Hand Me over your troubles and I will ease your burden page 2
114 My followers must show courage to prepare others for The Warning page 2
115 Video Message Intellectual Religious Snobbery offends Me page 2
116 Communicate to a young materialist and fickle society page 2
117 My Children will face Me for the first time during The Warning page 2
118 Message from Virgin Mary about communicating to Young People page 2
119 Video Message The Warning will prove that God Exists page 2
120 Ordinary People, Good People Turn their Backs on Me page 2
121 People don’t know what their soul is – the answer is simple. page 2
122 Mary: Satan loses his power when My Rosary is recited page 2
123 First Message from God the Father: The time has come now for Me to reclaim My Glorious Kingdom – New Paradise on Earth will last 1,000 years page 2
124 Video Message The Warning is a Manifestation of My Divine Mercy given to Sr. Faustina page 2
125 Continue to spread My word – I am sending you many volunteers page 2
126 Video Message Confess your sins now – do not be frightened page 2
127 Video Message on’t allow the human failings of My Church to turn your back on Me page 2
128 Video Message Prayer can avert disharmony in the world page 2
129 Battle which Satan is mounting to discredit these Messages is intensifying page 2
130 Atheists and scientists will say that The Warning was an illusion page 2
131 For My Followers who denounce these Messages page 2
132 Importance of Sacraments – Marriage and First Holy Communion page 2
133 Narcissism – an evil epidemic present in the world today page 2
134 Video Message Eternal Father will prevent New World Order from final persecution of His Children page 2
135 Video Message Let My sacred servants know the content of them, so they can prepare their flock page 2
136 Do not be frightened, conversion will create a great sense of love and peace page 2
137 Call on high-profile personalities to spread My Word page 2
138 My Messages will bring tears of conversion page 2
139 Video Message Execution, Euthanasia, Abortion and Suicide page 2
140 Unite your families to enjoy the New Paradise on Earth page 2
141 Any man who claims to be Me is a liar, for I will never Manifest Myself in man page 2
142 Your weapon of choice is your love for Me page 2
143 Video Message You are now in the middle of the Tribulation page 2
144 Video Message No man will fail to hear My Son’s Word before the time comes for His return page 2
145 Video Message August, 2011 – Salvation of Souls Month page 2
146 Video Message God the Father will destroy the plot to overthrow currencies page 2
147 Video Message Satan is powerless against My devoted followers page 2
148 Video Message Call to priests and nuns in the Roman Catholic Church page 2
149 Message from Virgin Mary: ‘Victim Soul’ page 2
150 Video Message Pray for the souls of those facing damnation, who will not survive The Warning page 2
151 You do not belong to Satan, you belong to Me and My Eternal Father page 2
152 Video Message Be Prepared at all times page 2
153 Video Message Questions to Jesus page 2
154 Video Message God the Father: One of most urgent Messages to mankind page 2
155 Message from Virgin Mary: I will appear only a few more times in the world page 2
156 Video Message My birthday is a very special Feast Day page 2
157 Time for waiting – tell others to know what to expect page 2
158 Video Message God the Father: the role of suffering page 2
159 Children, do not become discouraged by tales of despair facing mankind page 2
160 Video Message Turmoil in the world caused by the lack of love for Me page 2
161 Pray for those who cannot see beyond material gain page 2
162 Fear of The Warning is not something I encourage page 2
163 My followers have now been given the Gift of Intercession page 2
164 Video Message God created the world – No other planet can be inhabited by man page 2
165 Enjoy the glorious life that awaits you for 1,000 years page 2
166 Help Me Save all young people – the most vulnerable in your society page 2
167 How to ask Me to help you resolve your worries page 2
168 Video Message Great Tribulation is being mitigated through prayer page 2
169 What is it that encourages young people to be so ashamed of Me? page 2
170 Video Message Money, and too much of it, corrupts the soul page 2
171 Video Message Evil is presented as being good while good is presented as evil page 2
172 Video Message No sin is so grave that it cannot be forgiven page 2
173 Video Message Prophecies foretold through this prophet now unfold page 2
174 Climatic Chaos will now be experienced by a number of countries. My Father is Angry page 2
175 Video Message Message to the Clergy – do not allow bullying by secular societies page 2
176 Many souls are perishing in Hell because of the sin of pornography page 2
177 Those who proclaim My True Word through visionaries will be ridiculed page 2
178 Video Message God the Father:”My Hand will fall with force on nations who legalize abortion” page 2
179 Video Message Choose people you know and come before My Father’s Throne to save them page 2
180 My army will swell to a group of over 20 million page 2
181 How hard it is to climb the Stairway to Paradise page 2
182 Virgin Mary Message: Abandonment as a victim soul page 2
183 Loving your neighbour as yourself is much more difficult than you think page 2
184 Video Message Hold Divine Mercy Vigils now – The Warning is Close page 2
185 Virgin Mary: Always listen to your heart page 2
186 As the faith of My followers becomes stronger, attacks on them increase page 2
187 Video Message Do not be fearful of The Warning – Await it with joy page 2
188 Video Message Never threaten others in My Name page 2
189 Video Message No matter what your religion, there is only one God page 2
190 Video Message Chastisement can be mitigated through prayer page 2
191 Video Message Changes to be introduced in the Church, which will contradict the Word of God page 2
192 Video Message Ask for the Gift of Suffering page 2
193 Video Message The Truth is usually treated with extreme caution and outright dismissal page 2
194 Video Message Times of Peace and Glory almost here page 2
195 Video Message Classic error made when trying to become closer to Me page 2
196 Video Message The most important Event since My Resurrection page 2
197 Video Message Doubts make you stronger in your love for Me page 2
198 Video Message Fortune telling does not come from Me page 2
199 Video Message Virgin Mary: Pray for my protection all over the world page 2
200 Video Message Sorrow at loss of My children who want nothing to do with Me page 2
201 Video Message God the Father: The antichrist and a New World Currency page 3
202 Explain the horror of Hell to those who are blind to existence of Satan page 3
203 I have now sent My prophets into the world page 3
204 Video Message Insight into My Crucifixion page 3
205 Video Message God the Father: Satan’s days are almost at an end on this Earth page 3
206 Video Message Aftermath of The Warning page 3
207 Video Message Hardened souls will not find The Warning easy page 3
208 Video Message Virgin Mary: The deceiver is also preparing for The Warning page 3
209 Video Message Rejoice when the sky explodes, for you will know that I Am coming page 3
210 Video Message I will never desert you, children. That is why I Am Coming. page 3
211 Video Message Era of Peace not far away page 3
212 Video Message Global Groups under the domain of the antichrist page 3
213 Video Message Your banking collapse was masterminded by the antichrist page 3
214 Video Message Purgatory is not a place you should feel content to enter page 3
215 Video Message Virgin Mary: The sin of indifference to my Son is rampant page 3
216 Era for the multitude of false prophets sent by Satan page 3
217 Video Message God the Father – Heed now My final calling on mankind page 3
218 Video Message Message for America: Embrace your brothers and sisters of all denominations page 3
219 Virgin Mary: You will come under huge scrutiny and attack page 3
220 Never defend Me, as it is unnecessary page 3
221 I cannot force people to convert or turn back page 3
222 Your time on Earth is at a crucial point page 3
223 Video Message My return to save you will be felt in every corner of the world page 3
224 God the Father: Prepare the world for the arrival of My beloved Son Jesus Christ page 3
225 Video Message Death of My son Muammar Gaddafi page 3
226 Video Message The Warning is a form of Global Confession page 3
227 I wish to form an army of prayer groups page 3
228 My arrival will be sooner than you expect page 3
229 God the Father: You must reject darkness and embrace the Light page 3
230 Video Message False prophets trying to detract from My Holy Word page 3
231 Video Message Await now our glorious reunion page 3
232 Video Message You, My children, are blessed if you suffer in My Name page 3
233 Greatest attack on My Church since My death on the Cross page 3
234 Video Message Virgin Mary: Open your hearts to the Truth page 3
235 Video Message Disbelief of those who profess to know Me, which wounds Me the most page 3
236 Virgin Mary: Time for my Son to deliver His Gift of Divine Mercy page 3
237 Video Message Weather will begin to show strange signs page 3
238 My messengers are now with you to prepare your souls page 3
239 Global group who destroyed your banking system will fall apart page 3
240 Video Message God The Father: Last Call to Atheists page 3
241 Demonic Possession and the sin of Hatred page 3
242 You will be hated in many quarters and feared in others page 3
243 Many will suffer the pain of Purgatory as a Penance page 3
244 Two thieves on the Cross page 3
245 Video Message Signs will appear in the sky first – the sun will spin page 3
246 Video Message Your moment of glory before My Eyes – your moment of salvation page 3
247 Pray, relax and rejoice for this time is short now page 3
248 Video Message My Word is not rejected out of fear, but because of sin of pride page 3
249 God the Father asks His children to unite in Prayer page 3
250 Virgin Mary: Pray for Pope Benedict page 3
251 Preparations are now complete page 3
252 Crusade of Prayer (1): My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls page 3
253 Crusade of Prayer (2): Prayer for Global Rulers page 3
254 Crusade of Prayer (3): Rid the world of fear page 3
255 Crusade of Prayer (4): Unite all Families page 3
256 Crusade of Prayer (5): Praise to God the Most High page 3
257 Crusade of Prayer (6): Prayer to stop the antichrist page 3
258 Crusade of Prayer (7): Prayer for those who refuse Mercy page 3
259 Crusade of Prayer (8): The Confession page 3
260 The world will be changed forever page 3
261 I do not reveal dates page 3
262 Walk by My Side and you will be spit on page 3
263 Virgin Mary: My Gift to defeat and destroy the serpent page 3
264 I will save you from the horrors of your world page 3
265 Terrible War being orchestrated page 3
266 Virgin Mary: Chastisement to take place page 3
267 My Mercy covers all races, colours, religions page 3
268 Prophets to prepare for My Second Coming page 3
269 Time for My Second Coming is almost here page 3
270 Call on non-believers to turn page 3
271 Virgin Mary: I experienced the same suffering page 3
272 Attempts to introduce World Currency in Europe page 3
273 Transition into New Paradise will be swift and without suffering page 3
274 God the Father: Promise of Immunity for those who reject Jesus page 3
275 Spiritual jealousy is a terrible thing page 3
276 I can’t bear to think of those souls dragged by Satan into Hell page 3
277 Second Coming to happen soon after The Warning page 3
278 My children have been stripped bare in this year of Purification page 3
279 Virgin Mary: End times prophet guided by the Heavens page 3
280 Virgin Mary: Hope must never be shunned in favour of fear page 3
281 Pray as you have never prayed before page 3
282 Sinners who turn to Me find instant favour page 3
283 Even the sin of murder can be forgiven page 3
284 Virgin Mary: Plan to redeem mankind, for Second Coming is complete page 3
285 God the Father: My Son is being sent to claim His Rightful Throne page 3
286 Honour the importance of the Family page 3
287 I was accused of heresy and blasphemy when I walked the Earth page 3
288 Virgin Mary: Birth pangs have commenced page 3
289 God the Father: Accept this last chance or face a terrible chastisement page 3
290 Virgin Mary: My Rosary can save nations page 3
291 Every kind of Mercy will be shown to those who don’t love My Father page 3
292 Without My Act of Mercy nations would destroy each other page 3
293 Virgin Mary: Temporary peace in the world if dark souls convert page 3
294 There is only one Truth. One Light. Anything else is a lie. page 3
295 Virgin Mary: Time for the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart not far away page 3
296 God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages page 3
297 I will make Myself known very soon page 3
298 Attempts at Nuclear War in the East page 3
299 Judge and curse another in My name and you spit in My face page 3
300 God the Father – You My beloved children have a glorious future ahead of you page 3
301 Jesus calls to children all over the world page 4
302 After The Global Confession I will prepare for My Second Coming page 4
303 Virgin Mary So many souls choose to ignore the signs I give page 4
304 The biggest abomination since the Holocaust is being plotted against the Jews page 4
305 Pray for souls in mortal sin who may not get the chance to seek redemption page 4
306 Virgin Mary: Crusade Prayer (19) Prayer for young people page 4
307 Virgin Mary – My child peace will reign on earth soon. page 4
308 Scientists will publicly deny this miracle has taken place page 4
309 God the Father: Final messenger to herald the Second Coming page 4
310 Sacred Servants you will be led towards the False Prophet page 4
311 Virgin Mary: Wicked plan within The Vatican to destroy the Catholic Church page 4
312 Anti-christ who is hidden in the wings will soon appear in the world page 4
313 The Sealed Book of Truth will be opened in preparation for My Second Coming page 4
314 False Prophet will be treated like a living Saint. Those who oppose him will be considered heretics. page 4
315 Hear my urgent plea to pray for the souls of atheists page 4
316 Good News – God, My Eternal Father, has sanctioned the salvation of much of mankind. page 4
317 Virgin Mary: Nuclear war involving Iran being plotted page 4
318 The final secret of Fatima reveals the truth of satan’s evil sect entering the Vatican page 4
319 Call to Clergy: Prepare My flock for My long awaited Second Coming on earth. page 4
320 Virgin Mary: Pray for Pope Benedict with all your heart page 4
321 My Divine Mercy is to be realised as revealed to St Faustina page 4
322 Virgin Mary Calls for day of prayer and fasting to prepare for The Warning page 4
323 Jesus reveals Plenary Indulgence for total absolution page 4
324 Virgin Mary: No one will prevent the Book of Truth being revealed to the world page 4
325 Did you think I would ignore you until the Day of Judgement? page 4
326 Virgin Mary: Hatred is hatred. There are no two types. They are the same. page 4
327 Wars involving Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria interlinked page 4
328 God the Father: World to undergo a Chastisement – My intervention is necessary page 4
329 Virgin Mary: When you say Rosary you can help save your nation page 4
330 Pray that a nuclear war which would wipe out one third of humanity can be averted page 4
331 The mysteries for so long hidden in the archives of the Divine Realm. page 4
332 Virgin Mary: The evil one will not rest until the Catholic Church is knocked to the ground page 4
333 Very soon a man will come who will profess to be Me. page 4
334 Fornication, pornography and prostitution all mortal sins page 4
335 God the Father: Earthquakes will be felt as part of a small chastisement before The Warning page 4
336 My poor Holy vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will be ousted from the Holy See in Rome. page 4
337 Other countries will follow England to ban public prayer page 4
338 The Holy Bible is not being shoved aside in favour of these messages page 4
339 Satan’s last days: Like a wasp when dying the sting will be the most painful page 4
340 God the Father: Europe will be first target of Red Dragon followed by the USA page 4
341 Crusade Prayer (31) Chain of Protection Prayer page 4
342 Wicked Group perpetrating biggest lie in order to seize control of countries page 4
343 Crusade Prayer (32) Prayer to stop Abortion in Ireland page 4
344 Virgin Mary: Introduce abortion in Ireland and you sever the link to my heart page 4
345 European countries will succumb to dictatorship no better than the days of Hitler page 4
346 The beast with the ten horns is the European Union page 4
347 God the Father: Rise now, and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God page 4
348 God the Father: You are either for Me or against Me. The choice is yours page 4
349 Why do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming? page 4
350 Prayer to Resolve Your Worries page 4
351 Fasting is important for your souls page 4
352 Virgin Mary: Pray that Nuclear War can be averted in Iran page 4
353 God the Father: Call to Catholic Church to accept New Era of Peace on Earth page 4
354 There will be no death. No illness. No sin in the New Paradise page 4
355 Never reject the prophets of the Lord page 4
356 God the Father: The balm you so desperately need to calm your souls page 4
357 The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing. page 4
358 Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit cannot and will not enter the souls of those with hardened hearts? page 4
359 Join together as we enter the gates of the New Paradise page 4
360 God the Father: Warning about satanic cults and new age doctrines page 4
361 Virgin Mary: Wake up children. You must embrace the truth. page 4
362 Catholic Church and House of Israel will be persecuted page 4
363 The Book of Truth is being revealed to you, the seventh messenger for the end times. page 4
364 Watch now as the man of peace will present himself to the world. page 4
365 The first seal is the apostasy page 4
366 My Second Coming, cannot be prevented nor can it be stopped page 4
367 My Seal of Protection is foretold as the second seal is broken page 4
368 Virgin Mary: Recite Rosary across all nations between now and Easter Sunday. page 4
369 Time for the second seal to open as wars will increase page 4
370 Virgin Mary: Never before has there been so much opposition to divine revelations page 4
371 Now a concerted effort being made to silence you by certain fragment within My church. page 4
372 Love is more powerful than hatred page 4
373 Same sex marriage a grave sin page 4
374 I will come in the clouds surrounded by all the angels and the saints in Heaven page 4
375 Virgin Mary : Pray for Pope Benedict XVI who is in danger of being exiled from Rome. page 4
376 The time for the schism in the Church is almost here and you must get prepared now page 4
377 Tell humanity that all is now in My Most Holy Hands page 4
378 The opposition to My Second Coming will be fierce. page 4
379 You do not have much time before I come to Judge page 4
380 Even The Warning will not convert all Non-believers page 4
381 Virgin Mary: Ask my children to do one day of fasting on Good Friday to prevent one world currency page 4
382 Jesus reveals details of His Crucifixion page 4
383 I beg you. Do not crucify Me again page 4
384 Virgin Mary: I am the intercessor. Through me I will bring your prayers before my Precious Son page 4
385 My new miracles will be presented to the world page 4
386 Let them pray to Me for discernment page 4
387 Only through the prayers of intercession can those souls in the dark be saved page 4
388 Please say My Divine Mercy and start My Novena on Good Friday page 4
389 Good Friday is the day I desire, and this year especially, to be remembered for what it really means. page 4
390 Easter is a time when My death on the cross is contemplated properly page 4
391 I am the Church. The Church was founded by Me and it can never die. page 4
392 Heaven and earth will become one. One won’t exist without the other. page 4
393 Virgin Mary: The Era of Peace I spoke about in Fatima has been forgotten page 4
394 Virgin Mary: The time for me to crush the serpent is drawing nearer page 4
395 The hatred will mount against you. You will be told that this work is from Satan page 4
396 The next Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet page 4
397 So many lies, where the existence of Hell is denied, will be the downfall of Christians. page 4
398 My remnant Church, the Two Witnesses, referred to in the Book of Revelation page 4
399 I, your beloved Jesus, could never undermine My own Church. page 4
400 My messages are for all religions and creeds including those who do not believe. page 4
401 Never take unfair advantage of others even in business, politics or any walk of life. page 5
402 Even those who commit terrible sin are loved by God, the Father. page 5
403 Billions of souls, not millions, will convert. page 5
404 Virgin Mary: When times seem difficult or painful children, always call on me page 5
405 Help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming. page 5
406 More nations are joining together and more of God’s children will be governed by one body. page 5
407 To My sacred servants I say this. Do not make the mistake of your forebears who rejected Me when I came the first time. page 5
408 All mankind will have free will until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father. page 5
409 Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth. page 5
410 God the Father: As the Father of all humanity I am ready to send My Son to reclaim His rightful throne page 5
411 Virgin Mary: My child there will be no death for those who love My Son. page 5
412 First Secret in Book of Truth reveals plot against the Church by Masonic Groups page 5
413 I call on all of you who don’t know Me page 5
414 Hear My call and prepare for the pouring out of My Holy Spirit. page 5
415 Holy Spirit will descend this Sunday. The second outpouring by the power of the Holy Spirit page 5
416 God the Father: Accept My Holy Spirit with wonder and with thanks. page 5
417 My modern day disciples are being given an enormous mission page 5
418 Pain and persecution inflicted upon Me by those sects who work in secret to topple the Holy See is severe page 5
419 Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See surrounded by Masonic Groups page 5
420 Virgin Mary: God the Most High can change the destiny of the world page 5
421 My Remnant Church inspired by the Prophet Enoch will create hatred everywhere My Holy Word is heard. page 5
422 Already the work of the masonic groups in your world is weakening page 5
423 Virgin Mary: I weep tears of sadness for priests within the Catholic Church who suffer terribly at this time page 5
424 Preparations are very much underway for My Second Coming. page 5
425 Virgin Mary: Go and open your eyes children and listen, question and contemplate all that is presented to you in the name of God. page 5
426 My New Kingdom: You will be lavished with great abundance and will want for nothing page 5
427 Prayer Requests: Go now and call this request My Call to Jesus page 5
428 Second Seal: World War 3 page 5
429 Virgin Mary: My visionaries in the world will be instructed to pray in order to avert the dangers associated with a world war. page 5
430 Set up prayer groups devoted to Jesus to Mankind page 5
431 Virgin Mary: This Seal was foretold in the Book of John page 5
432 The One Remnant Church which will stand, undefeated, until the rise of the New Jerusalem. page 5
433 God the Father: Fear not My Hand but the hand of those who are your enemies page 5
434 Virgin Mary: The evil one attacks those who love God the most. page 5
435 Pray that you can recognise the true prophets from those who do not speak in My Holy Name. page 5
436 The time is drawing closer for The Warning to take place page 5
437 My Book of Truth, like a flame, will spread quickly over the whole world. page 5
438 God the Father: The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time. page 5
439 During The Warning, those who redeemed themselves in My Eyes will not suffer pain of Purgatory. page 5
440 They intend to oust Pope Benedict XVI from the Seat of Peter using devious means page 5
441 Satan will convince you that My messages come from him. page 5
442 Know that the 1,000 years referred to in the Book of Revelation means just that page 5
443 Prayers can avert the atrocities being planned urging the use of nuclear bombs page 5
444 My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering. page 5
445 Virgin Mary: June Crusade of Conversion Month page 5
446 666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip which you will be forced to accept just as you would any vaccination. page 5
447 Virgin Mary I revealed these atrocities to the little children Melanie and Maximin at La Salette page 5
448 Jesus: Never falter. Never doubt My Hand of Protection. page 5
449 Spend the month of June in quiet contemplation as instructed by My Beloved Mother. page 5
450 Just as I was rejected the first time I will be rejected the second time page 5
451 Satan intends to poison the minds of some of My chosen souls towards this Mission page 5
452 Virgin Mary:Children when you suffer in this life you become closer to my Son. page 5
453 600,000 fallen angels were released last year from the pits of Hell. A further 5 million have now been released page 5
454 Free will cannot be taken away from you. I cannot demand that you follow Me page 5
455 God the Father: I will fight the Battle of Armageddon with the Hierarchy in the Heavens page 5
456 The False Prophet will not only take over the Catholic Church he will dictate over all Christian Churches . page 5
457 Mother of Salvation: Pray for Christian Churches so they will be given the graces to defend their Faith. page 5
458 Remember this is a war which will be won by My Remnant Church on earth. page 5
459 The test of an authentic prophet lies in the prayers given to them for humanity. page 5
460 A Pledge of allegiance to the Divine Will of God the Father page 5
461 The Warning, while not to be feared, will cause pain in those not in a state of grace page 5
462 The Skies will be peeled back as if a roof has opened page 5
463 Their wicked plans also include a new global vaccination which will create disease all over the world. page 5
464 No prophet has been given messages by My Beloved Mother and the Holy Trinity in such abundance. page 5
465 Virgin Mary: I can, with my son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate. page 5
466 Come to Me all of you who feel unworthy. I am waiting for you. page 5
467 Man did not evolve from animals but that is what those, who do not believe in God, would have you believe. page 5
468 Virgin Mary: The world has been turned upside down by paganism page 5
469 When you spread hatred about prophets sent from Heaven you are guilty of a sin which has enormous consequences page 5
470 I know My own and they know Me page 5
471 New Paradise: You will be made of a pure body, incorruptible, free from disease, physical death and ageing. page 5
472 God the Father: I reveal My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth. page 5
473 My Church must trust Me. They must remove their shackles of fear and doubt and allow Me make myself known page 5
474 Virgin Mary: So many false religions and false doctrines created out of the imagination of humanity now infest the earth. page 5
475 The Sacraments of the Holy Confession, Baptism, Marriage and the Holy Eucharist must be preserved. page 5
476 My Word is My Word. No man can defend My Word for it is cast in stone. page 5
477 The worst suffering of all is the spiritual emptiness where you cannot feel one ounce of love for Me, your Jesus page 5
478 Virgin Mary: Whatever happens in the world children you must know that God the Most High is in command. page 5
479 God the Father: No man can explain how I created the universe or humanity no matter how they try for it is impossible. page 5
480 One third of the earth will be destroyed as the angels pour fire from the four corners of the Heavens page 5
481 They may not listen but they must be given the Word of God. page 5
482 Be warned. The New World Religion will seem, on the outside a good and holy organisation full of love and compassion. page 5
483 Every person alive in the world will see their souls and know, for the first time in many cases, that they have one. page 5
484 They will deny Me by saying that My Holy Word contradicts the Word of God page 5
485 The Warning for many will be a frightening event, when it will seem like the world has come to an end page 5
486 After the world war will come the famine and then the plagues. Yet, prayer can mitigate the chastisement page 5
487 So now you should understand why you are different to visionaries. It is because you are a prophet, the end time prophet. page 5
488 It is not enough to believe in the Father for those who reject His Son reject salvation. page 5
489 Virgin Mary: My Son’s Church on earth will not listen this time, yet they know how my Son was treated the first time. page 5
490 God the Father: I will wipe out their false churches, their wicked cults, their false idols, their cities and their nations page 5
491 The time is near for the persecution of My Beloved Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI to reach its pinnacle. page 5
492 Young souls are dear to Me and I weep with the way in which many of them were never taught the Truth. page 5
493 Once The Warning takes place there will be much confusion. page 5
494 Virgin Mary: It is frowned upon by today’s so called tolerant society to say that you believe in Jesus Christ page 5
495 My arms were pulled out of their sockets during My Crucifixion and, as such, the image on the Turin Shroud shows this page 5
496 The world will soon be presented with the most deceitful lie which is impossible for mankind to grasp at this stage. page 5
497 The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity page 5
498 You will win this battle for souls and it will not take long before the New World, without end, will emerge. page 5
499 Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation, my last title from Heaven, let me help you. page 5
500 The prophecies given to John, and not revealed up to now, are being presented at this time to wake up the world. page 5
501 Love is a sign from God. No matter what religion or creed you follow love can only come from God page 6
502 The pact with Satan is almost over and two events must soon take place. page 6
503 When the 20 million in My army has been reached I will multiply this number into billions. page 6
504 It is the sin of abortion which will be the downfall of many nations and for this they will be punished severely. page 6
505 My Catholic Church has been torn into shreds, yet the soul of My Church will never be taken or consumed by Satan. page 6
506 Virgin Mary: Failure to proclaim the Truth of my Son’s Teachings means that God is being forgotten page 6
507 Allow Me to lift you, from all harm, to safety away from the Antichrist. page 6
508 Virgin Mary: I ask of all God’s children to, once again dedicate the month of August to save souls. page 6
509 God the Father: Just as My Son was crucified so, too, will His Church on earth be crucified. page 6
510 To dissidents in the Catholic Church: Desecrate the Laws of My church and you will be punished. page 6
511 When they deliberately bribed liars to deny My Resurrection, the Pharisees denied generations of Jews the right to the Truth. page 6
512 If you believe in the existence of Satan then know that everything that is unjust and evil in the world is caused by him page 6
513 When such souls attack My Holy Word with such venom, this is a sign of Satan’s confirmation that these messages are authentic page 6
514 This is My last mission on earth where Holy Messages from the Blessed Trinity are being given to the world page 6
515 By declaring the Voice of the Holy Spirit to be evil you are guilty of a blasphemy of such magnitude proportions page 6
516 Don’t you know that you are nothing without Me? An empty vessel, which nothing can satisfy. page 6
517 The rains, the floods and the destruction of crops to come will be the result of a chastisement from Heaven. page 6
518 The antichrist will claim he is Me, Jesus Christ. page 6
519 Virgin Mary: My child soon many of the world prophets, visionaries and seers will no longer receive messages page 6
520 Video Message This is My Book. My Word. My Promise. page 6
521 Video Message Paganism is rampant and a fascination with the occult is being encouraged page 6
522 This time is likened to the calm before the storm. Use it to prepare as many people as possible. page 6
523 Here is the first Jesus to Mankind Litany Prayer (1) Protection against the False Prophet page 6
524 I am like a storm which is brewing. My Voice is like thunder in the distance page 6
525 The Book of Life foretold contains the names of all those who will be saved page 6
526 God the Father: Only when I am satisfied will I bequeath the most spectacular miracles for the world to witness. page 6
527 Virgin Mary: When I waited with the apostles in the Cenacle for the descent of the Holy Spirit it took ten days of preparation. page 6
528 Just as the soldier who pierced My Side was instantly converted so, too, will millions of souls page 6
529 Virgin Mary: Conversion can weaken the impact of the antichrist page 6
530 Important Message God the Father: I will grant immunity from the Gates of Hell to those souls for whom you pray. page 6
531 Give My Father thanks for the Gift of His Grace of Immunity from the Fires of Hell page 6
532 Virgin Mary: Embrace the Gift of the Grace of Immunity children. Cherish it for it is a rare Gift from Heaven. page 6
533 Hatred is the cause of all evil in the world and it takes many forms. page 6
534 This is the responsibility I give you My Disciples, to convert the souls for whom I yearn the most page 6
535 If you praise false gods and ask for great wealth, riches and other gifts, purely to satisfy your lusts you will attract the Prince of Darkness page 6
536 Good versus evil is a battle between God, My Eternal Father and Satan. It is that simple. page 6
537 Virgin Mary: The awakening is coming soon page 6
538 No man knows the Truth of the real contents of the Book of Revelation. Only God knows page 6
539 This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls page 6
540 I call on all of you to set up centres where you can ensure that My Messages are spread page 6
541 My Name is no longer revered. My Name is cursed page 6
542 A great clash will become apparent and man will separate from man. Brother against brother page 6
543 My Word is being digested quietly by My leading servants page 6
544 This Mission can be likened to the rescue of a gigantic ocean liner page 6
545 Virgin Mary: There is a wonderful future ahead for all of God’s children page 6
546 True love comes from God. page 6
547 How you suffer behind your badge of Atheism page 6
548 The New Era will be heralded by My Second Coming. The time is short. page 6
549 Communism, for so long feared in the western world, is now being secretly formed through a global alliance page 6
550 The Gift from My Eternal Father is to give each child of His the most perfect life in the most perfect world page 6
551 Global hatred erupts between nations at this time and all in the Name of God page 6
552 Warning to those elite global groups who, through their powerful alliance, plot to control all nations page 6
553 A Protestant nation, Great Britain, will convert soon to My Ways page 6
554 I am not the Son of Man people expect Me to be. I am unconventional. page 6
555 Conversion takes place first. Then the persecution. Then the Salvation. In that order. page 6
556 They will say that I was married. They will say that I was simply a prophet. page 6
557 God the Father The time of My Son is being merged with your time children and soon all will become one page 6
558 Mother of God: It has been foretold, my child, that in these times you live now that the hearts of mankind will be hardened. page 6
559 The false prophets are poised now and will pounce on this mission page 6
560 So many people are searching for the Truth and cannot find it page 6
561 Prepare to witness signs soon to be revealed from Heaven page 6
562 Any man who hates another, because of their religion, does not truly love God page 6
563 There are only three ways to protect yourselves from the evil one page 6
564 Virgin Mary: Great changes will commence in the world very soon page 6
565 Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death page 6
566 Two billion souls, who will refuse My Hand of Mercy page 6
567 This man will tell the world he is the Messiah and he will be applauded by many leading world figureheads page 6
568 Believers must never feel secure in the knowledge that they know the Truth page 6
569 So many people today are obsessed with the pursuit of fame and self-glory page 6
570 God’s Love, once felt by man, is something no man can live without page 6
571 Virgin Mary: Many of my Son’s Church leaders say nothing. They no longer defend, publicly, the Holy Name of my Son. page 6
572 Christianity is being attacked for one main reason page 6
573 God the Father: My Hand of Justice is waiting to chastise those governments who plot to hurt My children page 6
574 The Light of God is present in each and every one of you page 6
575 Virgin Mary: I cry tears of blood for them and my Heart is heavy page 6
576 The announcement to herald My Second Coming, will be sudden page 6
577 This new one world religion will pay homage to the beast page 6
578 Paganism will be enforced on all of God’s Churches page 6
579 Many of you will deny Me by accepting these wicked new laws page 6
580 There will be different levels in the New Paradise of 12 nations page 6
581 Then there will be the introduction of a global vaccination, which will kill you, if you accept it page 6
582 Those who carry out cold-blooded murder, can be saved through your prayers page 6
583 Those who survive at the end time will not die a physical death page 6
584 It is a difficult and lonely time for the numerous seers and prophets because each one works alone page 6
585 The tide of change is to begin very soon page 6
586 God the Father: Soon, My Son will be sent to unveil the Truth of the Creation of humanity page 6
587 Virgin Mary: The favours granted when you receive the Body of my Son page 6
588 For the Jews, they will finally accept that the True Messiah has come page 6
589 The billions of souls already in Hell are those who rejected Me shamelessly during their life page 6
590 When they try to create a Sacrament, in My Churches, out of an abomination, they will say it was because of the rights of same sex couples page 6
591 You must not allow fear of the future to overwhelm you for that is not My desire page 6
592 I wish to call upon all of God’s children in the United States of America page 6
593 You must never reject private revelations without the qualifications or the humility required. page 6
594 Virgin Mary: The swell of my Son’s remnant Church will continue page 6
595 I wish that My army recite this Crusade Prayer for the Victory of the Remnant Church page 6
596 They will question and analyse My Word for fear of making a terrible error page 6
597 Those who humiliate My Word, given to you My daughter, cut Me through to the bone in agonising pain. page 6
598 It will be by their hand that lightning, earthquakes and tsunamis will strike the earth page 6
599 God the Father: It is to save the innocent souls, infected by liars, that I punish the wicked page 6
600 His great chastisements, of a magnitude never witnessed in the world, before now, can be mitigated page 6
601 At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment page 7
602 You have been given the armour. Use it page 7
603 Virgin Mary: Turn and ask my Son to guide you towards His Great Mercy page 7
604 Soon sin will be no more. The scourge of sin will be a thing of the past page 7
605 The road to My eternal kingdom is riddled with sharp stones and boulders page 7
606 The earth will groan in pain as the antichrist prepares his entrance page 7
607 God the Father: The hierarchy of all the angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the earth at this time page 7
608 Much of humanity will be cleansed and will then be ready for the long awaited Era of Peace page 7
609 I need your help. Just as I needed My apostles and disciples when I walked the earth page 7
610 This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan page 7
611 Global Vaccination: One of the most wicked forms of genocides ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler page 7
612 I solemnly promise you that the transition will be swift page 7
613 Roman Catholics, will need to hold Masses in refuges or Churches of safety page 7
614 The Crowning of Thorns during My Crucifixion is symbolic page 7
615 A number of events regarding the Churches, which honor Me in the world, will begin to surface page 7
616 I have a Message, which I must impart for the American People page 7
617 Turmoil will be evident in every corner of the earth and only a blind man will fail to see the changes page 7
618 This group of twelve, representing powerful nations, is an affront to the existence of My 12 apostles page 7
619 Virgin Mary: You must pray that those poor souls who continue to crucify my Son turn away from sin page 7
620 One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth page 7
621 God the Father: I offer you the most perfect future page 7
622 My beloved priests and sacred servants, fear not My Word page 7
623 Not for Me will they place a crown of emeralds or precious stones page 7
624 Those who follow the Laws of God will be demonised and sought out page 7
625 My priests, you must not offend Me by declaring Me to be a liar page 7
626 No matter how much your belongings on this earth are important to you, they are worth nothing page 7
627 Virgin Mary: A Loving God would not generate conflict or cause a rift page 7
628 When the freedom to speak is taken away, the Truth is hidden page 7
629 The enemies of the Jews in all nations will gather together in unity to crush Israel page 7
630 All nations of the world are united as one with God. All are part of the same family page 7
631 The flame of love extinguishes the fire of hatred page 7
632 I call on humanity to prepare for My Great Mercy page 7
633 Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation I will help you and your families to be consecrated to my Son page 7
634 The False Prophet has already planned how he will take over the ministries within the Catholic Church page 7
635 The Warning will purify God’s children in preparation for My Second Coming page 7
636 The Fire of the Holy Spirit will be felt in the hearts of everyone page 7
637 I will Judge the Living and the Dead and only those who are worthy can enter My Kingdom page 7
638 Virgin Mary: He, so humble, will come in great glorious splendour and His Great Mercy will flood the earth page 7
639 Human reasoning is meaningless when you try to define Eternal Life page 7
640 Traitors of My Holy Word, sent through God’s prophets, will, I solemnly promise, result in the Wrath of My Father page 7
641 Humility is more than just the acceptance of suffering. It is a powerful means of defeating evil page 7
642 I Am an all-forgiving God, ready to grant you freedom from the sins, which entrap you page 7
643 I bring hope. I bring Mercy. I bring salvation page 7
644 The power of death over humanity will be defeated finally page 7
645 Virgin Mary: All those who promote abortion and who are responsible for it being introduced are guilty of mortal sin page 7
646 My Flames of Mercy, like Tongues of Fire, will descend on every soul soon page 7
647 Satan will be bound during My Reign and will no longer deceive God’s children page 7
648 I died for you. Because of this you must trust Me now page 7
649 God the Father: The time for great change, for the good of all, is upon you page 7
650 My Love for humanity is felt by many. Sadly, those who do not look for it will not find it page 7
651 My Word will be like a sword, which will cut through confusion and lies. page 7
652 I shower you with this Special Blessing today page 7
653 The family unit, and the destruction of it, will be at the root of everything page 7
654 Virgin Mary: The day I brought the world a Saviour, it changed the destiny of humanity page 7
655 There will be a great deluge. You will also witness smaller floods across other countries page 7
656 God the Father: Soon, a new Light, a new sun, will be seen page 7
657 Knowledge can very often blind you to the Truth page 7
658 Never fear Me for I come in peace page 7
659 He will, by the power of the occult, perform what will be seen to be cures for people who are terminally ill page 7
660 You will be the focus of much hatred page 7
661 The Temple of God will be desecrated beyond recognition page 7
662 Virgin Mary: Not all will accept freedom. Many will side with the evil one and reject my Son page 7
663 Love all those who persecute you, in My Name. Then pray for them page 7
664 Virgin Mary: The reason why so many people are in such pain and darkness is because they do not believe in God page 7
665 I call out to all those who are unsure as to whether I Exist, or not page 7
666 Virgin Mary: The times ahead will be challenging for all Christians page 7
667 Please recite this Crusade Prayer (92) for the Grace of Perseverance page 7
668 Only by the Power of God, do you exist. Only by the Love of God will you live forever page 7
669 Do not listen to exaggerated claims you may hear about the end times page 7
670 When you take away the Truth, or tamper with it, it is no longer the Truth. All that is left is a shell page 7
671 I now grant them the Grace of the Tears of Love and Conversion page 7
672 The plan to destroy the Catholic Church, from within its own ranks, is already underway page 7
673 Ignore questions or demands made of you to change My Words page 7
674 Despite My Divinity, I feel sickened by and disgusted with the sins of man page 7
675 Please take this new Gift of Healing I present to you now page 7
676 Everything will be done to cause disruption to your Prayer Groups page 7
677 The abolition of all signs of my Son will mean the beginning of the end page 7
678 You devour, so easily, those false words presented to you by liars page 7
679 Virgin Mary: You must fight every law and every argument which promotes abortion page 7
680 It is the Missions of the true prophets, which cause outrage page 7
681 These people will destroy My Churches and few will be allowed to offer the daily Sacrifices page 7
682 My Time, which is entwined with the Divine Will of My Father, is almost upon you page 7
683 With the Gift of the Holy Spirit, you will prophecy in My Holy Name all over the world page 7
684 Virgin Mary: It is by the power of prayer that my Son’s Mercy can be spread throughout the world page 7
685 I urge My followers to remind people of the importance of reading the Holy Bible page 7
686 I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups page 7
687 They will sob with relief when they realise that they have a future where death does not exist page 7
688 God the Father: This is why only a miracle can save the human race page 7
689 The prophecies, contained in the Book of Revelation, are only partially known page 7
690 Soon, they will pass a law, which will outlaw the meaning of blasphemy page 7
691 The rise of hatred, murder and lack of charity is intense and sin has infested the earth like wildfire page 7
692 My Father’s intervention has already commenced and His wrath will shake the earth page 7
693 Mother of God: The remnant army of Christ will Triumph page 7
694 God the Father: I will wipe out those Nations who spit in My Face page 7
695 The signs I will send will be instantly recognisable page 7
696 It won’t be long before the final phase of the purification of the human race begins page 7
697 Man must strive, at all times, to be like Me page 7
698 Mother of God: Many will be lonely in their quest to form prayer groups page 7
699 Mother of God: You must pray for all those in high places, with power over your nations page 7
700 God the Father: Come, follow My Son, along the Path of Truth page 7
701 I Am your Teacher, and through Me, you will understand the Mysteries of My Final Divine Plan page 8
702 Never forget that you are the writer. I Am the Author page 8
703 My Word will spread in Australia and New Zealand page 8
704 Many believe Hell to be, merely, a Place from Folklore page 8
705 This life will, in the blink of an eye, pass into a New Life, a New Renewed Paradise page 8
706 Masonry has infiltrated My Church, on earth, and soon the schism, as foretold, will create division and disquiet amongst My faithful servants page 8
707 Virgin Mary: The Arrogance and Pride of Humanity is Insulting to the Presence of God page 8
708 This is the final battle. My Vicar has fallen. My Church will fall, but soon it will rise again page 8
709 Marriage is not acceptable before My Altar if it is between two people of the same sex page 8
710 The false prophet will now take over the Seat in Rome page 8
711 They will bring God’s children under the rule of the little horn, who will sit in pompous splendour in the Seat of Peter page 8
712 They will say that he was guilty of a crime of which he is totally innocent page 8
713 This Great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome page 8
714 You are living in the time when many of God’s children have become pagans page 8
715 Yes, My Word is for all, but there is a huge responsibility involved in the promotion of My Messages page 8
716 The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that only hardened sinners are cast into the fires of Hell page 8
717 He will be a very close ally of the false prophet and is under no illusion as to who he is – the son of Satan page 8
718 One of the other political leaders, about whom I spoke some time ago, will soon be assassinated page 8
719 My Holy Eucharist must still be received by you. You must not stop your daily Sacrifice, as it will not be you who will be forced to make this decision page 8
720 It will only be the brave and courageous amongst you, who love Me the most, who will lead My army towards salvation page 8
721 I ask all of My sacred servants to call on Me, their beloved Jesus, that I can cover them with My Precious Blood page 8
722 My Church on earth is under attack and this means that My Body will be Crucified again, as foretold page 8
723 The signs will be given to all of you and miracles will take place page 8
724 Many of you will reject this Call from Heaven because of fear page 8
725 Prayer will, and can, save humanity page 8
726 He has been sent to dismantle My Church and tear it up into little pieces page 8
727 By the time Good Friday arrives many souls will begin to realize that My Warning to humanity is upon the world page 8
728 Mother of Salvation: The Crusade Prayer Groups will save billions of souls page 8
729 God the Father: The battle now rages between My Hierarchy and the domain of the beast page 8
730 His throne has been stolen. His power has not page 8
731 This wicked gesture during Holy Week will be seen by those who keep their eyes open page 8
732 Mother of Salvation: Say my Rosary for all those who rule in Rome page 8
733 My Agony is felt by all the saints and angels in Heaven, for the time of the Apocalypse is near page 8
734 The Third Seal will be revealed when man will scramble for food as famines grip humanity page 8
735 A message for priests and all those sacred servants of Mine who have given their lives to My Sacred Service. page 8
736 Mother of God: The division in the world, to be brought about by Gog and Magog, will split families in two page 8
737 Layer by layer, their evil intents will become clear as they trip themselves up page 8
738 Just as the blind cannot see, there will be those amongst the Church in Rome who can see, but who will refuse to acknowledge the Truth page 8
739 The time for the division is soon and you must prepare page 8
740 I desire that all of My followers conduct a time of fasting from next Monday until 15:30 hours on Good Friday page 8
741 Mother of God: my Son’s Body was torn to shreds page 8
742 My Mission is not to give you a new Bible, for that could never be, as My Father’s Book contains the whole Truth page 8
743 The greatest horror I witnessed in My Time in the Garden of Olives was the scourge of sin in the time of the end page 8
744 You must keep your eyes open to anything, which insults My Divinity page 8
745 Your transition from this earth into My New Kingdom will be painless, instant and will be so sudden that you will barely be able to take a breath page 8
746 The danger to the Existence of the Holy Eucharist will be shown to you page 8
747 Today My Church on earth will be Crucified. Today marks the beginning of the changes page 8
748 Soon My Beloved Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile. page 8
749 Not at My Feet will they fall. It will not be My Feet they kiss, but those of My servants, My followers, My sinners page 8
750 Virgin Mary: The Resurrection of my beloved Son is the most important Gift, as it means that eternal life can be given to all of God’s children page 8
751 Today, I bring great Graces upon the world page 8
752 God the Father: I, your beloved Father, have set the day for The Warning at last. Only I know of this date page 8
753 I wish to bring over 7 billion of God’s children home, finally, to their Eternal Paradise page 8
754 I will come again on the last day. But I will not walk the Earth beforehand page 8
755 Only those with the Seal of the Living God will escape this form of genocide of the soul page 8
756 Not one of you would ever be given the authority to judge another in My Name, for this is not possible page 8
757 Mother of God: You have been sent to prepare the way for His Second Coming page 8
758 The time for the comet to appear, of which I spoke, when people will believe that there are two suns, is close page 8
759 This new temple, they will be told, is a church, which unites all because God loves all His children page 8
760 So many good and holy priests who have joined together to pull these Messages apart page 8
761 God the Father: Prayer for the Key to the New Paradise page 8
762 For every soul you dedicate to My Mercy, I will save a hundred more page 8
763 Blessed are those meek of heart, whose pride has been stripped from them through the Grace of God page 8
764 The Catholic Church is now about to enter the worst persecution in its history page 8
765 Mother of God: When God’s children are misled by lies, they will become separated from Him page 8
766 Many will not be strong enough to fight against abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage page 8
767 The Word according to God will be pulled apart as paganism sweeps the Earth page 8
768 This sign, not to be confused with the Mark of the Beast, will be to symbolise the new One World Religion page 8
769 I ask that those of you who are frightened and confused by these Messages to hear Me now page 8
770 When man does not believe in God, he does not accept the difference between right and wrong page 8
771 The Tower of Babel will, once again, be erected and presented as a temple of God page 8
772 Mother of God: To be made worthy of His Kingdom, they must be stripped bare of worldly influences page 8
773 All false prophets will be cast out by Me and punished severely page 8
774 Mother of God: This time, He will not come as man in the flesh page 8
775 These vile acts must come to pass, as the Earth is being purified page 8
776 They will lie continuously, and their public homilies will be a nonsense in the Eyes of God page 8
777 The antichrist will be from the East, not the West page 8
778 Everyday you must ask yourself – would God approve of my actions today? page 8
779 My Words to you now will be heard once again on the Last Day. Remember them. page 8
780 A new form of the Cross will be introduced page 8
781 The sin of abortion is a mortal one and those responsible will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity page 8
782 They will be accused of crimes against the Seat of Peter and will be publicly humiliated in My Holy Name page 8
783 The seemingly authentic views they will present, will be seen as a new form of Catholicism page 8
784 It was the sin of pride which caused Lucifer to fall and to be cut off and thrown into the abyss page 8
785 Do not try to reason with the mind when trying to justify My Existence for I Am not of this world page 8
786 When you have been given the Truth, it is important that you continue to spread the Word of God page 8
787 Mother of God: The Mission you have been given is the final link in the Final Covenant page 8
788 The plague will be more widespread than AIDS page 8
789 My dearest wish is that you seek out the souls of the young page 8
790 The only water necessary for the survival of God’s children will come from the Tree of Life page 8
791 The miracles I promised the world, through My Crusade Prayers, will increase page 8
792 My Word is the end. It is final. There can be no other word page 8
793 Those who followed the Word of God, laid down by the prophets before Me, were the first to spit at Me page 8
794 God the Father: My Great Intervention to save humanity has commenced and the speed of My actions will be evident to all page 8
795 Love only comes from Me. Hatred does not page 8
796 The world will rejoice, for along with My Church in Rome, the Jewish nations will be cut down page 8
797 They will be forgiven immediately if they would pluck up the courage and call upon Me to help them out of their misery page 8
798 When the Holy Spirit is present, It will spread like fire and will replicate the Word of God in many tongues page 8
799 And then, just as they will have forgotten Me, My Church will rise from the dead, just as I did page 8
800 All those amongst the Christian Churches will come to Me first. Then the Jews will turn, in time, and accept Me finally page 8
801 When the time comes for the beast to reveal the antichrist, great signs will be seen page 9
802 My Christian soldiers will form the biggest Army against the antichrist page 9
803 Those who scream at My Word in anger and declare that It comes from Satan will reside with the beast for eternity page 9
804 These Messages will be the last given to you before the Great Day when I come to Judge page 9
805 I, the Mother of God, will destroy the power of the evil one, in the hearts of those who call on me page 9
806 God the Father: I promised the world the Book of Truth and I never go back on My Holy Word page 9
807 My Voice, as It rings out, will draw millions towards Me in the next stage, and then billions in the final stages page 9
808 God the Father: I will strike every nation according to the extent of the number of innocents they have murdered page 9
809 God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His instruction to humanity page 9
810 I Am Present in the Most Holy Eucharist through the Act of Transubstantiation page 9
811 Your pagan practices will lead you to Hell page 9
812 My Way is very simple. You may follow Me any way you will, but you must honour Me in My Christian Churches page 9
813 The rest of My sacred servants will sign a pledge of allegiance to the new one world religion page 9
814 Lies, very often, come dressed as good things page 9
815 I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the skeptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who has sent My prophet to prepare all of you for My Second Coming page 9
816 My children’s obsession with worldly goods and the adulation of personal wealth separates them from God page 9
817 When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent page 9
818 You must not be frightened, for what I Promise is yours and it is your Inheritance page 9
819 Never do this, for it is the one sin which, by its hypocrisy, disgusts Me page 9
820 God does not expect you to spend your time ignoring day-to-day matters or the time you spend with family and friends page 9
821 It will be within the Roman Empire that the great abomination will rise up against Me page 9
822 God Exists in every single person born in this world, irrespective of their faith or the belief of their parents page 9
823 I Am Love. I Am God. They are one and the same thing page 9
824 The biggest lie is that Satan can foretell the future, but this can never be page 9
825 God the Father: When My Son is deemed to be a sinner, know that this is the greatest blasphemy page 9
826 The Truth will free you. Lies will destroy you page 9
827 Mother of God: You must remain true to what my Son taught you. He was like you in everything except sin page 9
828 Very few find comfort in Me. I wait patiently and yet they will not come to Me page 9
829 Mother of Salvation: Bring me your children, so that like a true mother of all God’s children, I can consecrate them to my Son page 9
830 My Justice will befall all those who prevent the Holy Word of God from being made known in the world page 9
831 The change in the format of the Mass will soon be presented in My Church. page 9
832 You will be accused of plotting against My Own Church, yet your only crime will be to uphold the Truth page 9
833 Mother of Salvation: What I witnessed could never be put down on paper, so vile were the cruelties inflicted upon His Divine Body page 9
834 Mother of Salvation: Not one door was opened to allow my Son to come into the world with dignity page 9
835 There will be powerful earthquakes in Russia and China soon and they will take place one after the other page 9
836 As bitterness divides nations, mistrust and fear will continue to cause civil unrest page 9
837 God the Father: I know that the plan of abortion around the world is controlled page 9
838 The One World Order is the greatest travesty against the True Triune God page 9
839 He will use the Truth of God to hide behind, until the right moment page 9
840 The Ten Commandments, given to the world by My Father through the prophet Moses, are being re-written by man page 9
841 Mother of Salvation: So easily do people accept new laws, which claim to be good page 9
842 God the Father: The lies you are being fed about your economy are designed to fool you page 9
843 It will be through your recital of My Crusade Prayers that I can save them. page 9
844 I pine for them. Without them, I cannot feel whole page 9
845 To priests: The day you will be asked to deny My Divinity is not far away page 9
846 You cannot follow Me truly, without bearing the pain of the Cross page 9
847 Mother of Salvation The Medal of Salvation offers the Gift of Conversion page 9
848 The final prophet has now been sent so please do not reject this Gift page 9
849 Its plan is to entice souls into a web of deceit by tugging at their hearts page 9
850 Mother of Salvation: The fallout in Rome will result in many being led astray page 9
851 They are preparing the antichrist now, for his grand entrance page 9
852 Trust Me and I will open your eyes to the Truth of your glorious future page 9
853 Mother of Salvation: The last secret of Fatima was not revealed, so terrifying was it page 9
854 I reveal the secrets contained within the Book of Revelation, and they will not be pleasant page 9
855 Mother of Salvation: Just as if a miracle has taken place, the false prophet will seem to rise from the dead page 9
856 Although they will cause fear, they are nothing when compared to the Great Chastisement ahead page 9
857 Look behind the mask of humanism and you will not find signs of God page 9
858 To the other innocents, who blindly follow the beast and the false prophet, they will be locked into a savage bond page 9
859 The mark of the beast will bring with it death – death of the soul and death by a terrible disease page 9
860 Mother of Salvation: You must hold on to traditional Crosses, for soon they will disappear page 9
861 Never accept a cross, which does not resemble the Cross upon which I was crucified page 9
862 Mother of Salvation: Just as the Holy Word of God can unite souls, so too can it cause great division page 9
863 They will convince My followers to adapt the Laws of My Church by holding a referendum page 9
864 The wickedness present in the world is on a scale not seen since the days of Noah page 9
865 Mother of Salvation: Soon you will be asked to give out a substitute for the Holy Eucharist, which will not be the Body of my Son. page 9
866 God the Father: The names of those in the Book of the Living are the primary target of the beast page 9
867 My Prophecies, which reveal the arrival of the antichrist, are soon to be realised page 9
868 When they change the Sacrament of Baptism, they will remove all promises to renounce Satan for they will declare these references to be old-fashioned page 9
869 Mother of Salvation: This war, to uphold the Word of God, will mean that those priests, who do remain true to Him, will have to seek refuge page 9
870 When you defend My Word, you will be deemed to be cruel, unkind and lacking in sympathy to those who do not believe in God page 9
871 Mother of Salvation: Do not accept tolerance for pagans to take over the churches of God page 9
872 God the Father: The antichrist is now ready to reveal himself page 9
873 A soul cannot be made whole again until it recognises the Greatness of God page 9
874 Mother of Salvation: What man could ever reject this new perfect existence page 9
875 Know that the pain of rejection will be exactly as I, and My apostles, had to suffer during My Time on Earth page 9
876 Floods will be commonplace and you will know which parts of the world anger My Father the most page 9
877 They will soon use churches as places to trade in and profit from page 9
878 When you honour My Mother, you must visit her Shrines and pay homage to her there page 9
879 The First Judgement is close and I will cast the wicked aside page 9
880 They must retain the Holy Missals, the vestments, the Holy Bible and the Holy Crosses. These will all be replaced page 9
881 Mother of Salvation: They will need to find places of refuge so that they can provide daily Masses and the Holy Eucharist page 9
882 They will be asked to pledge their allegiance, through a new oath, to remain faithful to the Church page 9
883 Mother of Salvation: My children everywhere – you must listen to me, your beloved Mother, at this time of sorrow page 9
884 I will ensure that millions more hear My Words page 9
885 My Second Coming cannot take place until the contamination of sin has been eradicated page 9
886 I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice page 9
887 Mother of Salvation: The antichrist, upon his announcement, will declare that he is a devout Christian page 9
888 God the Father: Children we are but just a short time away from the Great Day page 9


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